Revision Skincare®

Medical-Grade, Cosmetic Skin Care Products

We’re a leading provider of Revision Skincare® in Knoxville, Tennessee. Revision crafts the highest quality, medical-grade skin care products that are only available through a professional. After evaluating your skin and talking with you about your concerns and goals, Dr. Eisenberg can provide you with personalized Revision product recommendations to help you achieve a clear, vibrant, youthful complexion. Whether your treatment plan involves using Revision products on their own or in combination with a cosmetic facial procedure, you’ll get the healthy, beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. To find out which Revision Skincare products are right for your needs, schedule an appointment at Knoxville Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery online or by calling us at (865) 410-3075!

Revision skincare cleansers

Revision Skincare’s line of advanced cleansers will remove dirt, oil, grime and impurities.

Revision Skincare Mask

Eliminate dead, surface skin cells to reveal a vibrant, smooth, even-toned complexion.

Revision Skincare Moisturize

Hydrate and refresh your skin with these high-performance, multi-functional moisturizers from Revision.

Revision Skincare Serums

Revision serums contain powerhouse ingredients to tackle an array of skin concerns.


Full spectrum UVA/UVB protection wards off the sun’s harmful rays, preventing premature aging and skin cancer.

Face Treatments

With potent antioxidants, botanical extracts and peptides, these anti-aging treatments will give you dramatic results.

Revision Skincare Serums
Eye Treatments

Aging, stress and lack of sleep don’t stand a chance against these powerful eye products.


Begin your anti-aging skincare ritual with a collection of Revision products designed to work in harmony with one another.

Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

At our Knoxville, Tennessee oral surgery practice, we rely on cutting-edge technology and our in-depth experience to offer high quality care to patients of all ages in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. If you’re ready to maintain or restore your oral health and smile aesthetics, schedule a visit with us today!

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